Matched  - Ally Condie, Kate Simses This book reminds me of [b:Delirium|11614718|Delirium (Delirium, #1)|Lauren Oliver||10342808]. I know Matched was published earlier, but I read Delirium first and that may have affected my opinion of the story. I liked Delirium a little better.

I enjoyed this book, but there was no part of the story that really stands out in my mind. Except maybe that in this sci-fi future world people only live until 80. Really? Talk about disappointing science and medicine advancements.

I kept hoping for more depth to the characters and their actions. Cassia's actions in particular puzzled me. Maybe if she had been matched with someone that wasn't so perfect, I'd be able to understand. Or if Ky would stand up for what he believes in. Ky knows better than anyone how awful things are, and he does absolutely nothing about it. He spends his whole life just trying to be average and blend in. What in the world is Cassia so attracted to?

The jury's still out on whether I'll read the rest of the series. From the reviews, it doesn't look like [b:Crossed|15812814|Crossed (Matched, #2)|Ally Condie||14449475] gets any better.