Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - Jamie Ford

I really liked this book. I listened to the audio book and I enjoyed the reader's voices for the characters a lot.I think the author picked the perfect age for the main character so that the book could focus on friendship and love rather than lust.I'm not usually too into history, but the time and place setting of this book was intriguing. It's interesting how none of my history classes in school ever said much about the Japanese internment camps.With love stories, I think a lot rides on the ending. Sometimes endings are too unbelievable or try to jam too many years in at the end after the main point of the story has already passed (I know this wasn't considered a love story, but remember the Harry Potter ending, anyone?). Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet's ending was very good. It was a happy and conclusive-enough ending, but it left some mystery alive and allowed the reader to wonder about the future of the characters. It's a little bit like the "and they lived happily ever after" endings that I like so much. :)