Fallen (Fallen, #1) by Lauren Kate

Fallen - Lauren Kate

This could have been an interesting, romantic story, but it was ruined by poor writing and an annoying reader on the audiobook.I do not understand the reform school thing, either. The author should have just picked a regular school as the setting because all the unbelievable little details about reform school life were distracting and added nothing to the story. I have never attended a reform school, but I'm willing to bet that even a shabby reform school like the one in this book would notice all the dead cameras and there would be a lot more supervision. Even if a party did happen at a reform school, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be all drinking champagne and singing karaoke. Anyway, the action in this book was slow and predictable. It wasn't until the epilogue that something intriguing finally happened. The love story was not nearly as romantic as everyone made it sound, either, as it was really held back by the dull writing.Because of the epilogue and the description of the next book, I'm going to give this series another chance and read the second book. I'll let you know how that goes.