Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare

The Clockwork Prince -

Update: I got over the spoiler issue and am bumping this up to 5 stars. I love this series.




Halfway through this book, I accidentally read a major spoiler that was in plain sight on a Goodread's group board. If not for that spoiler ruining a lot of the suspense, this book may have gotten 5 stars.


WARNING: Do not read this review if you haven't read Clockwork Angel yet since it may give away too many details about that first book.


How in the world can people actually choose between Jem and Will? It's impossible! Jem is perfect (and dying), so I was definitely on his team before I read this book. In Clockwork Prince, we finally find out what Will's problem is, though. Anyone who doesn't fall in love with Will after hearing his secret is crazy. After reading this book, I think both boys are too good for Tessa, really. 


The majority of this book takes place over two weeks while the Institute works to find Axel Mortmain. There was a ton of foreshadowing, which I love. I like that satisfying "ahh" moment when all the little foreshadowing details click into place.


Magnus Bane plays a significant role in this book and I have to say he's one of my favorite characters. The characters are really the reason I love this series so much. They're so well-developed and many of them are irresistibly charming.


Of course, the love triangle between Tessa, Jem, and Will is really the center of attention throughout the book. Trying to figure out where Axel Mortmain is hiding isn't nearly as suspenseful as trying to figure out who will win Tessa's heart.


I have a few other books I need to listen to first, but Clockwork Princess is very high on my to-read list!