Wild Cards

Wild Cards - Simone Elkeles DNF at 35%. I cannot read another sentence about how much Ashtyn and Derek hate each other but really secretly love each other. Seriously, Derek knew Ashtyn for less than 24 hours and was already contemplating how her eyes change colors with her moods. He didn't even know her moods yet!

Also, the book blurb says Derek is a bad boy, and I can't understand why it would say that. He may be a class clown, but he is not a bad boy. His little step-brother loves him, he wants to take his step-mother to the supermarket and teach her what vegetables are, he takes it upon himself to mow the lawn and paint the shed without being asked, and he avenges Ashtyn when she's humiliated even though he's only known her for a day or two. What's bad about that?