Both Sides Of Time

Both Sides Of Time - Caroline B. Cooney This book in one sentence: A teenage girl travels through time and instantly falls in love with a boy that treats women as weak and incapable creatures in need of control by men, and she has no problem with it.

The MC is frustrated with her current boyfriend because he largely ignores her. She believes he is a terrible person for treating her that way and he probably is. Then she falls into the 19th century where her intelligence and virtue are constantly insulted by the people she meets, but she loves them. I do not understand the point of this story. It can't be to tell girls that it's not OK to be ignored, but it is OK to be insulted, can it?

In addition to the entire book being about men treating women badly, the writing was choppy and rushed. The characters were underdeveloped and many things went unexplained, such as how the MC knew so much about "Time" and what it wanted from her.